Privacy Policy, an online shop established in Bangladesh, has been living out the goal to provide our patrons and clients the best embroidery pieces they can get their hands on. We are also committed to providing the best online shop experience for our customers. Hence, we provide you this Privacy Policy.

As you go through this Privacy Policy, keep in mind that the mentioned “you” refers to any individual who visits and submits any data to us, our agent, or the Site.

Data protection refers to the conserving of private information from theft, damage, or loss. We at values our customers’ trust hence we give full measures to protect their privacy and identity. We shall only use your personal data in the areas set out in this Privacy Policy. We will only gather necessary information and utilize it to certain areas that are only relevant to our dealings with you.

We will only acquire and store your information as long as it is in accordance with the law and still significant for purposes for which it was possessed. You can also visit and browse through our various products without having to input personal details. You can remain anonymous during your visit to the site and we will not have any means to identify you unless you register an account on the Site and log in your username and password. 

 Usage of personal information

Our site allows you to buy digitized embroidery designs and products, receive special discounts, commissions, fill out surveys, and receive e-newsletters, e-mails or other promotional information from us. We at ensure you that a safe, customized, and convenient online experience is our goal and focus. Hence, we collect user information to fill order forms, contact consumers to inform them of the status of their orders, send updates and other necessary information about our current and upcoming promotions, and to advance the operation of and direct our systems.

When ordering from, it is necessary to converge essential personal information such as your name, gender, e-mail address, billing address, shipping address, telephone and mobile numbers, product selections, credit card details or other bank account information, and order number, among others.

Moreover, collecting this information is needed in order to allow you to proceed with placing your order. We will use the data to process the payment for the product, and inform you the status of product delivery. Collecting the said information will be easier for us to communicate with you in order to make sure that you get the specific products you ordered from our Site. It will also help us contact you in case we have queries regarding your placed orders. 

You will also be required to review the product order form and details indicated before confirming your order. Changes made will be automatically kept for future use. You must provide only genuine and accurate information on the Site. We at is alo not liable for any misuse of passwords unless it is our fault.

Payments made through the site will be processed by SSL Commerz on behalf of In addition, we may also use the data in managing the site and find any fraud or Site abuses.

We take your personal information with utmost confidentiality by refusing to make it accessible to unauthorized third parties. Furthermore, we protect your privacy by keeping and processing your information under high tech servers that are protected by physical and technological security devices. Thus, if you disagree with storing your information as such, please do not use our Site.

To ensure that your details are protected and secure, we at do not share your personal information with any other company for any purpose without your consent. However, we have the right to deliver/disclose your personal details to any third party that makes a legally-compliant request for its disclosure/delivery.

In addition, your personal information is also used for market research to further enhance and improve our services for your utmost benefit. Details are anonymous and will only be used for statistical purposes.

Furthermore, we will also maintain the anonymity of the users' data on the Site and utilize them in determining the common location of the users as well as the general usage of the certain aspects of the Site. We will also supply those anonymized data to third-party servers. However, we ensure that any kind of data is incapable of identifying you personally. 

You can access your personal information as well as your order details and history once you log into your account on our Site.

 Third Parties

Personal data like demographics such as age, gender, marital status, education level, and income level, among others will also be collected to from third-party ad servers or other websites. This helps us track user activity on the website to further reinforce our products and services based on visitors’ preferences. In addition to demographic data, we at also study and analyze our customers’ distinct interests and how often they visit our Site. Again, these data will be used to enhance our offerings and personalize the Site’s content so that it will be tailor-made to the visiting customer. We also receive and evaluate reports from third parties regarding the number of ads that were posted and clicked on in the Site.

We may also share personal data with third parties which offer services to us that will benefit our patrons and website guests. These third parties consist of accredited website agents, contractors, and consultants who work with us to serve you better. Please be ensured that neither we nor these third parties will use or disclose your personally identifiable information for other purposes other than to provide quality services to you.

Lastly, we will not reveal or share any personal data with third parties unless we obtain your full consent. We do not trade or sell your personal information to third parties for any purpose without your consent and we only utilize your data for purposes included within the parameters set out in the Privacy Policy.  

 Payments and Fraud Protection

To safeguard the security of your financial details, we make use of standard and authorized payment gateway services. Thus, our Payments and Fraud Protection policy is aligned with these companies. Sufficient personal information may occasionally be shared with other organizations to prevent fraud. If you fail to honour payments, personal data may also be shared with agents, solicitors, and the Court. All disagreements will be handled and managed by the court of Bangladesh. 


Cookies are small data text files which stores in your computer’s hard drive that can track activity in the Site, and identify your Internet Protocol address, the country where you are located, and your first name to welcome you to our Site once you log back in. You can choose whether or not you want cookies to be activated in your browser. However, activating cookies makes your use of the site personalized and convenient. It also helps us maintain a more secure site.

We assure you that the uses of cookies in our Site will not put your personal identity in jeopardy because it does not contain any private details and viruses. also uses Google Analytics to gather user statistic for business development. 

 Security collects and stores personal data in a secure server which utilize firewalls to protect your information from unauthorized parties that could damage and steal your identity. Also, we use a strong encryption to make sure that your payment details are fully secure. Thus, we advise you to not send any credit card or payment information through an unencrypted electronic channel with us.

However, as much as we want to protect your security the best we can, there is no method or channel of transmission over the internet that is 100% safe and dependable thus we can’t guarantee its complete security.


Please be informed that by granting access to your personal data and other information, you consent to our use of those given data in the manner laid out in this Privacy Policy.

 Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please be advised that we update and revise our Privacy Policy every now and then. Hence, it is best to review this page regularly and keep updated for any alterations. We will provide notifications of any changes on this Site by posting the revised Privacy Policy on this page. Keep in mind that these modifications are effective instantly, as soon as they are up on the Site.


If you have questions, suggestions, or inquiries, you can contact’s support team at or contact us through +8801790121265.