100% Polyester Well Embroidery Thread Cord: W-0079

Product Code: YP5288

100% Polyester Well Embroidery Thread Cord: W-0079

The Thired price is only $1.00

One con Thred =  3000 MTR

Color: we have 300 More different Thared, All colors Thried also buyer\'s  acceptable.

Bangladesh Thired Well BD is high intensity, it\'s widely used in washed fabric, apparel, leather, jacquard and different kinds of crafts and decorations

DescriptionAdopting highest quality of polyester filament as raw material,

100% Polyester embroidery thread is made of polyester yarn.

Degree, has excellent color fastness, good abrasion resistance, 

excellent strength tenacity which unbreaking at 1000rpm high speed.

we can Make  like caps, headwear, bags and team logo All Embroidery work

Machine Type: Malty

Design Format: VP3

Benefits and notes:

Sale Price: ৳ 83.00 / $ 0.83