China Fans (2)

Product Code: IF4065

Stitches/points:               :  10074

Thread Colors                  :  5

Width        :  3.81(CM)

Height                :  3.20(CM)


Machine Type: Normal , Flat , Malty

Design Format: DST, ART, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, XXX

Benefits and notes:

China has a rich cultural heritage that has produced a variety of exquisite art forms. One of these art forms is embroidery, which has a long history in China and has been passed down from generation to generation. Among the various types of Chinese embroidery, fans embroidery design is one of the most popular and exquisite.


Fans embroidery design is a traditional Chinese embroidery technique that is used to create intricate and delicate designs on fans. Fans have long been an important part of Chinese culture, and the art of embroidering them has been around for centuries. The embroidery is done on silk fabric, which is then attached to the fan frame.


The embroidery designs on fans are often intricate and detailed, featuring a variety of motifs such as flowers, birds, animals, and landscapes. The embroidery is done with silk threads in a variety of colors, including bright and bold hues as well as subtle and muted tones. The stitching is so fine that the embroidery appears to be painted on the fabric rather than stitched.


One of the most famous fans embroidery designs is the One Hundred Butterflies design. This design features a hundred small butterflies embroidered on the fan, each with its own unique pattern and color. The design is so intricate that it takes skilled artisans months to complete.


Another popular fans embroidery design is the Four Seasons design, which features different seasonal motifs such as flowers and birds for each of the four seasons. The design is not only beautiful but also symbolizes the cycle of life and the changing of the seasons.


The process of creating a fans embroidery design is a laborious one that requires great skill and patience. The design is first sketched onto paper, and then transferred onto the silk fabric. The embroidery is then done by hand, stitch by stitch, until the design is complete.


Fans embroidery design has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of China, and it continues to be a popular art form in modern times. It is often used to create beautiful and unique fans that are treasured as works of art.

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