Terms and Conditions


General Information 

We ask you to kindly read these Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly before registering to join the Embroidery Design Shop and before utilising any of our services.  Once you register with the Embroidery Design Shop you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions and you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Condition.  If, for any reason, you do not want to abide by such Terms and Conditions, please do not register to join or purchase from the Embroidery Design Shop.

 From this point on, you (the user) will be referred to as the User’ no matter under which role you get registered in the site.  The Embroidery Design Shop and any of our partners will be referred to as We, Us or Our.  Any third party service providers shall be referred to as Service Providers.  Buyers are referred to as Buyers, sellers are referred to as Sellersor The Seller, and who promote our sites designs or the whole site is referred to as Affiliates or The affiliate. Designs are referred to as design, item or product.


The Embroidery Design Shop is an online shop or store, also known as an e-commerce portal.  We operate under the laws of Bangladesh and when the User registers online with our store, they are bound by the Terms and Conditions of our store and of Bangladesh. The User may use the Embroidery Design Store website with the understanding that the User accepts the terms and conditions herein.  The Embroidery Design Store has the right to choose its Users and also has the right to refuse certain Users from registering online.  Please read the About page carefully before you sign up to register, where you can also find more information.  Registration must be completed by Buyers, Sellers, Affiliates, and any Third Parties who might be involved.


User Account Details and Passwords 

The User will be given an account designation (seller, buyer, affiliate) once the registration is complete.  It is your responsibility entirely to keep your password and any personal details private.  We ask you not to share your account details with any other Users or potential Users.  You are instructed to keep your account private and you will be held responsible for any breaches of such account. Should your password fall into the wrong hands we ask you to contact the Embroidery Design Shop immediately.  You will not be able to hold us responsible for any loss, damage or fraud committed by an unauthorized person using your account.  If your account is hacked or compromised, you must get us notified immediately.


Online Pricing

Any product or design pricing is subject to change without any prior notice. Availability of products and specification of products are also subject to change without notice.  If user notices any photographic, typographical, or specification error in product as well as in pricing, we will try to correct that. The Embroidery Design Shop will offer similar products if those on offer become unavailable, and are entitled to change the products if availability is problematic. The Embroidery Design Shop will always communicate with the User regarding availability (in cases where User have already purchased it but seller has removed it) and specifications and will not send products unless we have confirmation from The User.


Terms and conditions 

The Terms and Conditions that you are now reading are valid for all services of the Embroidery Design Shop.  Once you have registered as a Buyer, Seller or Affiliate, you are subject to our Terms and Conditions. There are no modifications unless this is privately discussed and arranged.  We urge you to spend time browsing our website to ensure you are aware of how our system works.

 Once you have selected your purchase (or folder) you will receive the purchase or folder any time between 1 minute to 24 hours.  The folder comes as a whole and even if you prefer just one item in the folder, you do need to pay for the entire folder.  If we do not have the specific folder in stock we will advise you and offer an alternative.  We will not deduct money from your account until the purchase has been accepted, verified and is en route. 

 Our website includes several internet based services such as Digital Product purchases, a Consulting Service, Embroidery Design Shares and Embroidery Design Purchases.  You, the User, will register on the site, log on and place your order.  You will be lead to the payment link.  Only when payment has been received and confirmed by our payment service provider, will you receive a link for your purchased product or the automatic download of the product will start.  If you face otherwise, please contact Embroidery Design Shop support immediately.

 Each product that a buyer have purchased via his/her registered account can be downloaded unlimited times. If the buyer checks out as a guest user, the product will be available for download as long as the session is active in which the buyer purchased the item. So, we recommend purchasing any product via our website through a registered account.



Once a product has been purchased and downloaded, it is non-refundable.
Any other refunds required, because of defects or other special conditions must be negotiated with our office or responsible person whom you can reach via website’s contact page.


Buyers, Sellers, Affiliates 

The Embroidery Design Shop has following user roles: buyers, sellers, affiliates & reseller

 Buyers register or (without registering) and purchase, as per all the above Terms and Conditions.  No patterns may be copied or resold with prior written permission. 

Sellers register and sell products that are their own and have not been copied.  Any pattern or item being sold by a seller or sellers that violates rules of copyrighted material, or is inappropriate or abusive, may be removed by the Embroider Design Shop immediately and the seller may be suspended for a certain period or banned for life time.

 Once a Seller has submitted material to the Embroidery Design Shop, and once the Embroidery Design Shop has accepted and approved the material, the material will be published in website. The copyright of the material or design belongs to the seller.  

 The Embroidery Design Shop is entitled to change or modify certain items if deemed appropriate and have full rights to edit or change wording and descriptions if deemed they will bring more customers.


Fee Structure

 The Embroidery Design Shop has all the rights to set commission on each item and to change the commission when necessary. Commission is usually set at 65:35, 65% for the seller and 35% for Us.  If an affiliate is involved in selling of an item/product, the commission rate is 60% for the seller, 20% for affiliate and 20% for Embroidery Design Shop.  If perchance your product goes viral and becomes incredibly popular, we can amend commissions in accordance with our working relationship.


When uploading items, sellers must give images of the exact product and give them in a way that is top quality, clear and easy to use.



 By reading the Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to all policies of The Embroidery Design Shop including the Privacy Policy published on the website. 


Copyright and Ownership

 The buyer may not change, copy, sell, license, transfer or modify any of the work bought on our site. The work does not belong to the buyer and it cannot be reproduced. The buyer is just purchasing a license to use the product. The seller owns the item and copyright belongs to the seller. The seller warrants that the product does not contain viruses or malicious computer codes, files or programs which are designed to limit or destroy the functionality of other computer hardware or software.

If the work is resold or advertised on affiliate websites, limited reproduction and copying of our content and items is permitted, provided credit is given to The Embroidery Design Shop as the source.  Permission must be granted by Us, before affiliate websites go live. 

 We own all the content that we have put on Embroidery Design Shop (unless otherwise stated and excluding content owned by others). This includes the design, compilation, and look and feel of the Embroidery Design Shop website, copyright, trademarks, designs and other intellectual property on Embroidery Design Shop. We dont own the designs uploaded by the designers.


The User agrees to:

 Only post pictures, messages and products that meet the standards of The Embroidery Design Shop.


The User agrees to:

 Be aware that this is an online site and there will be no abuse, harassment, threats, stalking, profanity, illegal distribution, anything obscene, indecent or defamatory on the site, about the site or about any affiliate sites, partners or associates.

 Upload files that contain correct images related to The Embroidery Design Shop product niche.  Material uploaded must be legal to use by the designer and not violating any copyright law prevalent in Bangladesh.

 To be honest and ethical at all times.

 No information is to be falsified and no material can be stolen.

 There will be no violation of the code of conduct and there will be no exploitation.

 The buyer cannot hold The Embroidery Design Shop responsible if a product is slightly varied than the image appeared and if the finish and appearance of the final product are different to that of the purchase. 

 If the quality of products, service and information does not meet your expectations you can inform Us and we will do our best to satisfy you, but you cant hold us responsible.  Color, sizing and exact design may differ slightly to what you see on the product image. We will discuss and engage with you and if a change is necessary, we will try to supply it.  If you do not like the change we will again discuss this with you, but again, changes are at our discretion.  Any dispute must be acknowledged within 7 days of you receiving the product, thereafter there is no recall.

 Refunds are given at our discretion and only when the reasons are valid.  If a refund is due, you will be refunded via any option available to us.


Intellectual Property rights

 We respect the intellectual property rights of other people and we require that our sellers do the same. Our sellers upload their design directly to Embroidery Design Shop, Embroidery design shop just provides the platform services to sell the designs. However, if you notice that any design in our site infringes any intellectual property right (along with copyright), please let us know.

 You may contact us via embdesignsshop@gmail.com or  +8801790121265 discuss any future business, buying, selling and partnerships. We assure you of a good working partnership and excellent, reliable, professional service.