New Nick Gola Desgin Free Download (51)

Product Code: XG0446

Stitches/points:               :  23519

Thread Colors                  :  3

Width        :  6.48(CM)

Height                :  10.88(CM)


Machine Type:Normal , Flat , Malty ,

Design Format: EMB, DST,

Benefits and notes:

Embroidery has been a popular form of art for centuries, and it continues to be a beloved craft today. One designer who has been making waves in the embroidery world is Nick Gola, whose high-quality designs are quickly gaining popularity among crafters and designers alike.


Nick Gola is a skilled embroidery artist who creates intricate, detailed designs that are both beautiful and unique. His designs range from floral patterns to geometric shapes to whimsical characters, and he uses a variety of colors and textures to bring each piece to life.


One of Gola most popular designs is his Floral Garden embroidery pattern. This design features a stunning array of flowers and foliage, all intricately stitched with a variety of thread colors and textures. The result is a vibrant, eye-catching piece that is sure to impress.


Another standout design from Gola is his Geometric Shapes embroidery pattern. This design features a series of interlocking geometric shapes, all stitched with precision and attention to detail. The use of different thread colors and textures adds depth and dimension to the design, making it a true work of art.


One of the things that sets Nick Gola embroidery designs apart is his attention to detail. Each stitch is carefully placed to create a cohesive, beautiful design that is sure to impress. Gola also uses high-quality materials, including embroidery floss and fabric, to ensure that his designs stand the test of time.


Whether you are a seasoned embroidery artist or just starting out, Nick Gola designs are a great choice. They offer a unique blend of beauty and complexity, and they are sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates the art of embroidery. So if you are looking for a new project to try, consider picking up one of Nick Gola embroidery patterns and creating your own masterpiece.

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