Product Code: MV9145

Stitches/points:               :  2863

Thread Colors                  :  3

Width        :  3.52(CM)

Height                :  .88(CM)


Machine Type:Normal , Flat , Malty ,

Design Format: DST, ART, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, VP3, SEW, XXX,

Benefits and notes:

Embroidery has been a popular form of embellishment for centuries, and its still a widely-used technique in the fashion and textile industry. One of the most exciting things about embroidery is the ability to create custom designs, and the SHP logo embroidery design is a perfect example of this.


The SHP logo is a simple but effective design that features the letters SHP in bold, block letters. The logo has a clean and modern look thats perfect for branding, and it can be customized to fit a variety of applications.


One of the great things about the SHP logo embroidery design is its versatility. The design can be embroidered onto a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, silk, and more. Its also suitable for a wide range of items, such as hats, shirts, jackets, bags, and even towels.


Another benefit of the SHP logo embroidery design is its durability. Embroidery is a highly durable form of embellishment, and the SHP logo design will remain looking great for years to come. This makes it an excellent choice for companies or organizations looking to create a lasting impression.


When it comes to creating an SHP logo embroidery design, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, its essential to choose the right thread colors. The SHP logo is typically embroidered in black or white thread, but it can also be customized with different colors to fit the desired application.


The size of the design is also an important consideration. The SHP logo can be embroidered in a range of sizes, from small and subtle to large and bold. Its essential to consider the size of the item being embroidered and the placement of the design when choosing the appropriate size.


Overall, the SHP logo embroidery design is a classic and versatile choice for branding and customization. With its clean and modern look and durability, its an excellent choice for companies, organizations, and individuals looking to create a lasting impression.

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